Hello. I like making things.

And to understand how things are made, especially understanding things with a potential to make life more valuable.

When it comes to fashion, I believe that when someone feels comfortable in what they wear, it has the potential to support feelings such as patience, strength, drive, clarity and hope. My fashion designs are my contribution based on that belief.

During my fashionstudies in New York at Parsons, a professor encouraged us to explore multidisciplinary methods and formats to communicate ideas. Inspired by this, I recorded old songs I had been writing since my teenage years, and joined an art collective in the Lower East Side, and made room for more kinds of formats.

This official webshop marks the first platform showcasing a range of my interdisciplinary work. (I'll add new items every week.) Here, you'll discover a blend of formats, unified by my aesthetic. I'm so happy you are here. A warm welcome!

- I.C. Renhuldt

PS. If you want to see more of my work in fashion, visit my portfolio at www.renhuldt.se DS.