How to make your nylons last

Hi all,
I received questions about how to care for your nylons, so I put together a list below. Hope it can be of help, and let me know if you have more tips you think I should add to the list!

- When you put them on, first roll the full sock in to your hands, and carefully slip them on your feet. For pantyhose roll up one leg at a time in your hands, before slipping them on. (Do not only hold the top of the sock/pantyhose and press your feet into the sock.) When they are full on, pull at the toes in the nylon and release, so that they have almost no tension over the toes.

- Always wash them in a laundry bag, if washed in a washing machine. Nylons are also great to wash by hand, and hang them to dry . (Never use dryer.)

- Always check your toe nails before putting nylons on, if the nails are sharp or longer then the toe, the nylons will most definitely break as soon as you slip them on or within the first day of using them.

How to fix this:
- Long or sharp toe nails are cut and then treated with both nail file and nail polisher on the edges of the nail. Polish the edges of the nails both from the top, under and from the front. If you graze your toe nails with your hand, there should not be any edges or irregularities felt that can get stuck in the delicate nylon knit. You can also use an old pair of nylons to graze the nails, to make sure there are no edges that can get stuck in the knit. It's important that it's smooth. It you have a cracked nail, put a neat band aid over that nail before you put the nylons on.

- Wear shoes your size. If you wear shoes that are too small, there will be an increased friction added to your toe nails from the inside of the shoe. This will cause nylons to break easier. If you wear too big shoes, the irregular movement of the foot in the shoe, will intensify the friction between the toe nails and inside of the shoe, that will make the nylons break easier.

How to fix this:
- Preferably use shoes your size. If you use smaller shoes, to minimize the risk of breaking the nylons: be sure to pull out the nylons from the toe and release, before putting the shoe on, so that there is almost no tension over the toes. Nylons should not be stretched hard over the toes, but have space for movement. If you use too big shoes, put on another thicker sock in cotton or wool over the nylons, to decrease the friction of the movement inside the shoe.

New Questions:

- At what temperature should one wash the nylons?

Answer: - Wash in 30 degrees, select delicates program, ("Fintvätt").
And always wash nylons in a laundry bag.
(If washed without laundry bag, the knit will become uneven and pilling will occur faster. They may also break if they are washed without laundry bag together with a garment with a zipper for example, a zipper can easily tear the nylon.)

- I have long finger nails that easily break nylons, are there any advise in regard to that?

Answer: - When I have longer finger nails, I use thin cotton gloves while putting the nylons on. Other than that, just make sure all edges on the finger nails are smooth so they can't get stuck in the nylon while you wear them.

- My nylons easily break at the heels, how do I fix that?

Answer: - When you do your pedicure, be sure to file the entire foot-sole, and its edges. Use a foot file to remove any inconstancies or sharp parts on your heels. Finish with a fine foot file. Then before going to bed, put feet-cream on your entire foot, under the foot as well. Check your feet the next day, if they are still hard or have sharp parts, redo the procedure until they are smooth. 

Reach out to me if you have further thoughts or questions, or tips you think I should add to this list!