Collection: Wide Waistband

The Wide Waistband collection are tights made in doublespun Italian 3D yarn.

Made with an extra wide waistband without vertical seam, and without compression.

Packaged in silk paper in an exclusive black box.

Made in Italy.

" The wide waistband construction was inspired by my ballet tights, that are made with a very high waistline intended to fold down. I liked that almost "hugging" feeling it created. So I measured how wide my fold down on my ballet tights was when I liked it the most, made the tights waistband construction in the same width, and that was the start of the first sample. A result of the construction change of the waistband, is that the elastic section to the crotch is so short, so they stay up all day! "
- I.C. Renhuldt, Designer