Nylons designed and constructed by Swedish designer I.C. Renhuldt, educated in fashion design at Parsons New York.

Made in Italy in excellent quality. Nylons made to last. 

New Bio-Based Nylons

Knee highs now in store!
Made in bio-based nylon from castor plants (Swedish: ricinplanta). 

The yarn is strong, soft, has excellent elasticity, anti-odor features and dries faster than regular nylon.


Nylons that are Made to Last

Quality Test Video


Our tights are produced in Italy by a high quality focused manufacturer, that have been manufacturing nylon hosiery for generations.

Our selection of yarn is Italian made 3D boublespun nylon. The yarn is strong, elastic and soft. Made to last.

We are proud to keep the production within Europe, to support European working standards as well as supporting the European manufacturing heritage. And to minimize the transportation of goods, and its effects on the environment.

Image: A close up of a hosiery knitting machine from the factory in Italy. Photo by: IC Renhuldt

Body Positivity


Jag älskar dina strumpbyxor.


Efter att jag provat dina så kan jag inte använda vanliga strumpbyxor.


Απίστευτα απαλό στην αφή, σαν χάδι. Κάθεται τέλεια ακόμα και μετά από ώρες χορού. Και το πιο σπουδαίο είναι πως αντέχει στον χρόνο!


Perfekta när man väntar och nyligen fått barn.


Jag har använt dem hela hösten under mina jeans, och de har fortfarande inte gått sönder. Tack!